An Update: 2018 Recommitted to My Writing and Focus

Dear World,

It’s been a year! And then some.

I could blame the state of the world, big transitions, crazy world news, being too busy, oh so many things. But honestly, I am not sure why I put off my writing for my True Taste Blog for so damn long. The great news is– The winds of change are a-blowin. Yup. 

I suppose one truth that I gleaned from looking back over 2017, was that I was trying to do too much too fast. I went out of my old job with a good bit of yucky drama, and into my content agency, guns blazin. But around April, when two dear souls came to visit us, I just turned inward. I didn’t so much put on the breaks as wander off on another meandering road. Slowed down on my own projects. And took time to take in the big messy world around me.

Don’t get me wrong, I stayed busy as hell with my clients, especially Arigato Japan Food Tours. But I did not rush ahead here on TTT and I started and dropped a few things before I figured out not to juggle for a while and just let the year play out.

It has.

And now it is 2018. 

This last week was a long holiday in Japan. They really know how to stretch out the new year here. And tomorrow is the first real day back in the real world.

One big juicy important thing I did this week was go through a 5 day exercise to set my theme for the year. It is not too late for you to do this yourself and I can’t recommend this process highly enough. I have done this on my own before but this was so much better. Head on over here.  It is free and fabulous.

So for me, I did not end up with a word but instead a phrase. You can see it above. “Create Clarity and Elevate the Essential.”  This gem touches so much that I have in my todo, want todo, and dream todo lists. One of the interesting things about the process was checking out the words and ideas surrounding my favorite words. Support words, Definitions, Synonyms. FUN STUFF people. And I feel ready to look at my goals and plans through the lense of creating clarity in what I do, in my home, in my work, in my communication. AND taking what is essential and putting it right there at the top each day and week.

Since about mid October I have been waking up from my fog and working on bringing my best self to my life as much as possible. And now I feel pretty damn ready to get some serious shit done.

H*ck Yeah! (thx @dogrates for that) 

Also too– You’ll see me around here a whole lot more. And fingers crossed, things here will be bigger, brighter, busier and with a lot more folks connected and sharing. Let’s see how we go.

Quick note on a few things I am doing now to get things going.

See you again soon over here at TTT. (I promise)