Just Getting Started at True Taste Tokyo

Time to get things rolling… True Taste Tokyo has been a dream of mine for a few years and now the chance has come for me to really kick things off at last.

Lauren Shannon, getting to know you. True Taste Tokyo

This site will be many things; a place for sharing the news and views of Tokyo, a community of writers and content creators, an agency helping small businesses and innovative creators in Japan to tell their stories to the world and even a place for travellers to find new adventures when they visit this amazing country.

I am just getting started and the process is not likely to be a quick one. But that’s ok– because I believe the best way to begin is by trying, getting feedback, and trying some more.

A bit about me. I’ve lived in Japan a long time, almost 20 years. I come from the USA (East coaster), I love learning new things and I am a serious foodie. My friends are incredible people doing terrific things. I love writing and I am glad to be freelance now so I can do more of it every day. Oh and by the way, we are remodeling a mid century modern inspired house built in 1958 and getting lessons in DIY each and every day.

Want to see some of the stories I have told check out my writing and profile at Odigo Japan where I was the content and community manager for the last two years. Or see some of my previous work on Savvy. Get to know more about me and the writing communities I have built over at The Tokyo Writers’ Salon and Japan Travel Writers. Check out my professional details on Linkdin and see what I see each day over at Instagram. We will soon have all types of True Taste Tokyo social profiles but more about that in future posts.

Want to get involved? I would love to hear from you. Writers, designers, artists, video creators, story tellers of every sort are welcome. Even more so if you like to drink good coffee, great wine, and eat amazing food. Let’s talk.