Thoughts about 2016: Silver Linings

Silver time --Photo from Flickr Johnny Silvercloud

Stuff goes wrong sometimes. Sometimes stuff goes wrong A LOT. I think you notice the going wrong part more as you get older. Maybe the cause is the time slip-stream that makes the days fly by? So the going wrong parts seem closer together. Anyway, the point is– often things don’t go as planned. Like this last year?!

I was not expecting many things;

  • The take over at my job and the destruction of my team.
  • The election of Donald Trump.
  • Lots of loses, including Cohen, Bowie and Prince.
  • A whole heap of money stress points
  • Missing some days on my end of year blogging project. I am going back to add in some thoughts but for now, I am letting myself off the hook a bit with this catch-up post.

The point is, 2016 did not go as planned.

The question is, how do I deal with the unexpected? This year I learned to look even harder for silver linings and savor moments of peace, calm and yumminess inside the swirling chaos.

This strategy has not always worked but it HAS worked often enough to be a real comfort, like candy canes at Christmastime.

Silver Linings like Candles and Candy Canes -- photo from Flickr by Laura Bittner
Silver Linings like Candles and Candy Canes — photo from Flickr by Laura Bittner

Here are a few of my silver linings.

  • Our new old house project
  • Mom’s defeat of Cancer! (this was a BIG one)
  • My dog remains a huge comfort and de-stressor.
  • Success from some of my old co-workers has made me smile. Especially the end of year launch of MyBunguBox ! Go KUV
  • Checking out Kat’s mad skills
  • World travelers letting us follow along on their adventures
  • New babies in the world! Welcome Evie and Hope
  • My favorite couple is getting to explore new stuff and build things out of LEGO!
  • Working on exciting new projects.
  • Fantastic Beasts– which I LOVED
  • Writing, writing and more writing

So these silver threads are all in the woven texture of this year. And as the days wind down to Dec. 31st, I am enjoying the glimmer and glitter of each one.