Tasteful Tuesday November 8th 2016

Another week flew by. Got some big things done including renewing the Japanese driver’s license (Sounds easy? Clearly you’ve never done it.) and starting a few new exciting projects, plus painting a wall orange!  Anyway renewed and legally driving around Japan again. Thank Goodness. So it’s time for another Tasteful Tuesday.

On to what we love around Japan and on the web this week- Tasteful Tuesday November 8th, 2016

So last week we were mentioning how much we want those Ice-cream Taiyaki things– Then look over here, more PR and yes we are still obsessing over those cute-fish-cones. Even though fall-winter is upon us the ones in this piece are even cuter and yummier looking.

Goldengai Tour in Shinjuku
Goldengai Tour in Shinjuku with Arigato Japan

TTT is all about working with small businesses and creatives in Japan to get their stories out to the world. We are proud to be working with Fish and Dish and now we are expanding our outreach talking to the amazing people at Arigato Japan who are doing stellar foodie tours around Tokyo and Kyoto.

PPAP inspired fabric?

Fad or Trend? Here at Tasteful Tuesday we are finding it hard to tell, but the media personality behind #PPAP has a CD coming out with 25 crazy tunes and a Pen Pineapple Apple Pen popup cafe?!? (until 11/20) This earworm is a bit of entertainment, but we think it might get tired quickly.  Still it is kind of fun to see all the covers out there now on YouTube. We know you are singing along…

The biggest thing on the internet this last week- well… Tomorrow is election day in the USA- As an American overseas I voted via VoteFromAbroad.org . I have talked with many foreign friends about how this crazy political year has played out.

What do the Japanese hope will happen at the polls tomorrow? The view from Japan on the BBC gives us a clear answer and sensible reasons.

Who do the Japanese want as the next USA President?
Who do the Japanese want as the next USA President?

The last two weeks also brought us crowds of a different sort. Celebrating! Halloween in Shibuya, Tokyo- which has suddenly become the busiest Halloween spot in the world. Looking forward to Halloween 2017 — just keeps getting bigger and better.

Shibuya Crossing for Halloween -photo by https://cosmosjapaneselanguageschool.com
Shibuya Crossing for Halloween -photo by https://cosmosjapaneselanguageschool.com

And #2 Celebration (maybe bigger in numbers) Chicago turned out en masse to welcome home the World Series Champions- The CUBS! Being a Halloween lover and a Cubs Fan… it has been good times indeed.

Tasteful Tuesday View of Record turn out for the Cub's victory celebration -- photo from Flickr by niXerKG
Record turn out for the Cub’s victory celebration — photo from Flickr by niXerKG

Go Cubs Go! Let’s do it again next year. See ya’ll for next week’s Tasteful Tuesday!