Tasteful Tuesday Roundup

I think Tuesday is under rated.

Tuesday is easier than Monday– will th the whole we’re sad the weekend is over vibe. And though Wednesday gets the whole “Hump day” title… Tuesday to me is pretty productive and a lot of fun. You have enough time to get stuff done during the week and Monday is behind you!

Tasteful Tuesdays
Tasteful Tuesday– photo from Sam’s Online Journal

So here at TrueTasteTokyo we are going to use Tasteful Tuesdays to share some of the best of what we’ve discovered around on the web over the previous week. (We were inspired by the Sunday roundups by one of our favorite foodies Joy The Baker.) Just like Joy, we’ll keep our minds open. This Roundup will not just be Japan focused, or startups, or travel. It could be and will be a bit of everything. Just whatever makes us sit-up and take notice.

So… drumroll please- Our first ever Tasteful Tuesday.

Part of our daily routine around here is a quiet moment in the morning and evening with a Five Minute Journal. It’s a very easy to use gratitude journal backed up by happiness, science, good quotes and fun weekly challenges.

Journal and Planner
Our go-to gratitude journal just got more productive.

This journal has been a big part of our last 3 years and now the clever folks over at Intelligent Change have added a Productivity Planner to their shop which we will certainly be trying out. They’ve got a pretty good blog too.

A couple of months ago we got to meet the brainy lady behind HumanCat.Co Saki-chan is from Shanghai, over here in Japan studying and exploring. She’s got a great eye and a wonderful view of Tokyo and Japan. We’re looking forward to working with her in the future. Be sure to check out her summer piece where she wanders around an abandoned amusement park in Kinugawa, Japan. 

If you didn’t see the post yet, check out these 5 cool new neighborhoods in Tokyo as covered by CNN. The TTT office is quite close to Shoin-jinja Mae which we have to say, certainly deserves to be on that list. And last week we hit up another area that made CNN’s guide when we were meeting the wonderful Athena from The Cup and the Road. She introduced us to Iki Espresso in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa.

Finally as summer transitions into fall– a new obsession, the idea of taiyaki as ice cream cone– The yummy cakeiness of a waffle fish, with soft-serve ice cream and whatever else can be added, just seems like too amazing and idea to not be the next best thing in the world. This is a case of “Japan-To-Korea-and-Back.” We need our local taiyaki place to add an ice-cream machine and start doing something like this. Tomorrow, please.

This, by the way, is an explanation of traditional Taiyaki.   Also yummy. But really, come on! That ice cream waffle fish combo — we can’t even.

Ok, winding up our first ever Tasteful Tuesday! Hope you have a great week. If you are in Japan enjoy the short week since yesterday was respect for seniors day!   Don’t forget to check out our FB page and follow us on Twitter.

And of course, have something to add? Share your own amazing stuff below.