Tasteful Tuesday November 15th 2016

Well… A lot has changed in a week. As our friends and followers know, we were supporting Hillary Clinton to become the first female president of the USA. And not only did that not happen– but the most inexperienced, divisive, grifter in America is now the president-elect which leaves more questions than answers and leaves a lot of people around the globe wondering what comes next.


The world reacts to the Trump win
The world reacts to the Trump win

On the flip side of that depressing reality I am reminded now more than ever of the strength of the human spirit, the creativity of people I know and love, and the need to hug more and hate less. So for this week’s web round up and Tokyo tips we give you…

In addition to other bad news, the world lost singer, poet, songwriter Leonard Cohen- If you have not yet seen the SNL send up of KM doing Hillary singing Halleluiah Don’t wait. Watch it. (tissues at the ready)

Also on the web– loads of resources being collected by people everywhere for helping those groups of people that are most worried about the future under  a Trump administration. If you want to help get in touch with any of these amazing orgs doing the tough work then, now and in the future. The amazing women over at Feministing published this post full of links the day after the election.


Chef John's top secret pumpkin pie
Chef John’s top secret pumpkin pie

Ok on to other non-political things. We are all about food here- and the biggest food day of the year in our calendar is on the horizon. THANKSGIVING… getting our thoughts together for turkey, potatoes, sides and PIE– so we turned to our favorite online chef, Chef John from FoodWishes and we will be trying out his recipe this year for sure. And trust us, don’t just read the recipe watch his video. He does GREAT cooking videos and always makes us smile.

You are what you eat!
You are what you eat!

More on the food front, we’ve got a new piece over on YOSHIO giving you 7 top healthy foods from Japan. Add these ingredients in your meal planning to boost your immune system, prevent cancer, even have better eyesight!


That’s about all we have this week as we adjust to the new normal. Oh- one other thing…

New amazing super stove and oven!
New amazing super stove and oven!

WE HAVE AN OVEN– a real one, a RARE thing in Japan. Gaze upon its glory.  Many Tokyo people are asking where we got it. There is a restaurant supply and used equipment co. in Japan called Tenpos. They have 54 locations around Japan. Check them out because they are amazing. Note of caution- not all ovens can be installed in a residence so do your research- and you will need some construction and help from the gas company. Photos from our first whole turkey roast coming in a few weeks.  

Be kind to each other, take care of people who need it and have a great week.