An Update: 2018 Recommitted to My Writing and Focus

Dear World, It’s been a year! And then some. I could blame the state of the world, big transitions, crazy world news, being too busy, oh so many things. But honestly, I am not sure why I put off my […]

2016 Looking Back: My year in photos January to March

We are well and truly into 2017 now. Even the extended Japanese New Year holiday is almost over. Some folks are back to work today, others will be back from tomorrow! The trash guys resumed their pick ups today, and […]

Thoughts About 2016: December 8th New Stuff

Growing requires trying something new

Countdown to the end of this year. 23 days left. This month I am writing posts each day reflecting on what has transpired and where I think I am headed and any advice or offers I can make for 2017. […]