Must See Tokyo Illuminations 2016-2017

Tokyo Illuminations -- Photo by Lauren Shannon

Before I moved to Japan, I already saw so many news stories and blog posts about wintertime, Tokyo illuminations. Tokyo has so many different places where you can enjoy a wonderful night view with your family, friends and co-workers. I never thought that I will be in Tokyo during 2016 Christmas time and New Years. I feel so lucky to share the best illuminations spots with you. Here are couple must-see Tokyo illuminations locations that I would like to recommend.

1. Shibuya Ao no Dokutsu

Illuminations in Shibuya 2016 -- Photo by Saki Akane
Illuminations in Shibuya 2016 — Photo by Saki Akane

If you are looking for some place close to the central area, Shibuya’s “Ao no Dokutsu” event can be one of the best places to go.
This is the first time that Yoyogi Park has put all the lights on their trees. The blue lights make the road like a secret cave. The total length of this illumination area is 750m, with all the lights. The lighting time is from 5pm to 11pm, starting from Yoyogi Park Zelkova Tree-lined to Shibuya Koen-Dori. You can enjoy the lights from sunset until late at night. The blue lights seem like a million stars in the sky. What a romantic place to go during the end of the year. The illuminations run from  the 22nd November 2016 until 9th January 2017.

2. Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills Illuminations -Photo by Saki Akane
Roppongi Hills Illuminations -Photo by Saki Akane

Roppongi Hills is always a popular place for tourists. During the Christmas season, there are variety events and illuminations around the area. This year you can see Keyakizaka Galaxy illuminated at Keyakizaka Street. A row of trees are lit up with tiny silver lights. These illuminations make you feel like you are seeing snow in the sky. You can see the Tokyo Tower far away as a backdrop and with those stunning lights, it is a perfect photo spot. The event is from 14th November until 25th December.

At 66 Plaza there is a symbolic Christmas tree that has been set up as well. Also at West Walk 2F there is a special Christmas tree where you can take photos. The famous Mori Garden on the property has some fantasy illuminations too. Those events are from 18th November until 25th December. (66 Plaza starts from 17th November).

3. Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome Illuminations -- Photo by Saki Akane
Tokyo Dome Illuminations — Photo by Saki Akane

This year is a special year for Japan and Italy’s diplomatic relations. The two countries are celebrating their 150th anniversary. At Tokyo Dome, the illumination theme is Italy-inspired. You can enjoy four main areas: LaQua area, Crystal Avenue, Attractions area, Meets Port area. You can enjoy fantasy illuminations as well as experience a part of Italy’s romantic atmosphere. The event is from 10th November 2016 to 19th February 2017 So this one you can see well into the new year!

4. Omotesando Hills Christmas

Huge tree at Omotesando Hills -- Photo by Saki Akane
Huge tree at Omotesando Hills — Photo by Saki Akane

The giant Christmas Tree inside Omotesando Hills has always been one of the popular spots for Christmas illuminations. Because this illuminations display is in an indoor space, if you don’t like freezing weather during the end of the year, Omotesando Hills can be your best place to enjoy the holiday season. This event is from 9th November to 25th December 2016.

5. Tokyo Skytree Soramachi

Illuminations at Sky Tree 2016-- Photo by Saki Akane
Illuminations at Sky Tree 2016– Photo by Saki Akane

The last one I would like to recommend is Tokyo Skytree Soramachi. If you live a bit outside of central Tokyo, and don’t want to travel far to see illuminations, Tokyo Skytree can be a good spot for you. Recently they have an impressive projection show from the 10th – 25th December.

I hope you will have time to enjoy the wonderful winter lights of Tokyo. If you know some other great spots please share them in the comments below.