Creative Agency

What do we mean by creative agency?

Amazing people are out there making fantastic things and we believe everyone should know about them. We are here to help.

True Taste Tokyo is growing group of story tellers doing what we love best- writing, photographing and filming the inspirational people and products we discover in Japan. We also love introducing new ideas from the rest of the world to our local friends here in Tokyo. We go both ways– 🙂

How can we help you? 

You have a passion and have created a product, place or service that people will just love –if they can find you. Maybe you already know how to tell your story to your Japanese clients, but there is a larger world out there and we can help you connect with a fan base beyond local borders.

Just a few things we do;

  • Set up and manage social media in English for global outreach.
  • Promote your work across various “thought-leader” blogs and publications
  • Tell your story professionally in compelling images and words
  • Celebrate with you and create custom events to share what you love with others.
  • Help you manage your media presence and improve your website to make it even more wonderful

We are open to all sorts of collaboration– let us know what you think you may need and we will put together the right team of people to make it happen.

Small And Solo businesses are our passion!

We love focusing on small businesses, artists and creators. Too much of the table is run by huge companies and powerful ad agencies. We think your small business needs creative storytellers but we know you can’t afford an expensive long contract. Our services are flexible and our end goal is to help you get your story out there and then provide you the tools to keep the conversations going yourself.

We will always be there to help but we know that creators have a DIY attitude and we want to empower you to manage your story far into the future. We will get you started and then make sure you have what you need to keep going!

Want to know more? Let’s meet up for some wonderful coffee or tea somewhere and discuss the possibilities.
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