How I’m overcoming my Japanese language learning barrier with apps

Your mobile device can be an excellent language learning partner, especially when it comes to difficult languages like Japanese. After 2 decades in Japan, the apps I can use easily each day have helped me to finally get comfortable with […]

Thoughts About 2016: December 9th Timely

Timely helps you value your time. Photo from Flickr by Artform Canada

Countdown to the end of this year. 22 days left. This month I am writing posts reflecting on what has transpired and where I think I am headed and any advice or offers I can make for 2017. So today‚Äôs […]

Designing my life with “Designing Your Life”

bookcover Designing Your Life

At True Taste Tokyo we are all about helping creators share their products and passion with the world so in addition to local stories we will share our favorite productivity tools, tips and resources. To kick things off, Terri one […]