Thoughts About 2016: December 4th

Countdown to the end of this year. 27 days left. This month I am writing posts reflecting on what has transpired and where I think I am headed and any advice or offers I can make for 2017. So today’s […]

Thoughts about 2016: December 3rd

28 days left in our countdown until 2016 is well and truly over. Thank goodness.  For me and many of my beloveds, it has been a bit of a tough one, so I decided to count down the last days […]

Thoughts About 2016: December 2nd

good company culture attracts great people

With just 29 days left in this crazy year, I decided, in honor of True Taste Tokyo’s storytelling mission, to share some reflections on the past and preparing for 2017 to begin! (those core values above are from one of […]

Thoughts About 2016: December 1st

The year is winding down. 2016 did not turn out as I expected which seems to be true for many of my friends and family. I rode a rollercoaster of highs and lows. A surprising amount of trauma was a […]

#Rocur accounts and what I learned on Twitter this week

Guest host on @beingtokyo Sept. 2016

Happily I just spent 7 days as the Twitter “rocur” or rotating curator on the @BeingTokyo account. I had a blast. Haven’t heard about #rocur accounts? I hadn’t either until recently.  @BeingTokyo  is a rotating curation account which means a different […]