All Star Food Tour in Tokyo

Finding culture and food on the “All Star Food Tour.” One problem all travellers can relate to in a foreign country is finding a place to eat at. It’s exciting to imagine getting up close and personal with the culture […]

Sweet Potato Mania: Japan’s Top Fall Flavor

Daigaku Imo photo from flickr by taylorandayumi

As you may know, in the USA fall is all about the pumpkin spice! Food, drinks, candles– folks even started to make jokes about things that might be but should NOT be pumpkin-spicy . In Japan, though pumpkin flavors are making inroads — […]

Tasteful Tuesday Roundup

I think Tuesday is under rated. Tuesday is easier than Monday– will th the whole we’re sad the weekend is over vibe. And though Wednesday gets the whole “Hump day” title… Tuesday to me is pretty productive and a lot […]