Thoughts About 2016: December 4th

Countdown to the end of this year. 27 days left. This month I am writing posts reflecting on what has transpired and where I think I am headed and any advice or offers I can make for 2017. So today’s […]

Thoughts about 2016: December 3rd

28 days left in our countdown until 2016 is well and truly over. Thank goodness.  For me and many of my beloveds, it has been a bit of a tough one, so I decided to count down the last days […]

Thoughts About 2016: December 2nd

good company culture attracts great people

With just 29 days left in this crazy year, I decided, in honor of True Taste Tokyo’s storytelling mission, to share some reflections on the past and preparing for 2017 to begin! (those core values above are from one of […]

Thoughts About 2016: December 1st

The year is winding down. 2016 did not turn out as I expected which seems to be true for many of my friends and family. I rode a rollercoaster of highs and lows. A surprising amount of trauma was a […]

Tasteful Tuesday November 15th 2016

Well… A lot has changed in a week. As our friends and followers know, we were supporting Hillary Clinton to become the first female president of the USA. And not only did that not happen– but the most inexperienced, divisive, […]

Tasteful Tuesday November 8th 2016

Another week flew by. Got some big things done including renewing the Japanese driver’s license (Sounds easy? Clearly you’ve never done it.) and starting a few new exciting projects, plus painting a wall orange!  Anyway renewed and legally driving around […]

Sweet Potato Mania: Japan’s Top Fall Flavor

Daigaku Imo photo from flickr by taylorandayumi

As you may know, in the USA fall is all about the pumpkin spice! Food, drinks, candles– folks even started to make jokes about things that might be but should NOT be pumpkin-spicy . In Japan, though pumpkin flavors are making inroads — […]

#Rocur accounts and what I learned on Twitter this week

Guest host on @beingtokyo Sept. 2016

Happily I just spent 7 days as the Twitter “rocur” or rotating curator on the @BeingTokyo account. I had a blast. Haven’t heard about #rocur accounts? I hadn’t either until recently.  @BeingTokyo  is a rotating curation account which means a different […]

Tasteful Tuesday Roundup

I think Tuesday is under rated. Tuesday is easier than Monday– will th the whole we’re sad the weekend is over vibe. And though Wednesday gets the whole “Hump day” title… Tuesday to me is pretty productive and a lot […]

Just Getting Started at True Taste Tokyo

Time to get things rolling… True Taste Tokyo has been a dream of mine for a few years and now the chance has come for me to really kick things off at last. This site will be many things; a […]