Live Like a Local in Japan : Transportation and Food

I belong to a membership group on Facebook for foreigners living the Tokyo area. An all too common question posed by newcomers to the group who are about to or have just landed is “How can I find X from […]

My Japan Bucket List… True Taste Tokyo Recommends

We asked some of our writers at True Taste Tokyo what is on their Japan Bucket List, and we will share their dream destinations with you in our ongoing series.  First up, world traveler and language student, originally from Shanghai, […]

Tasteful Tuesday November 15th 2016

Well… A lot has changed in a week. As our friends and followers know, we were supporting Hillary Clinton to become the first female president of the USA. And not only did that not happen– but the most inexperienced, divisive, […]

Tasteful Tuesday November 8th 2016

Another week flew by. Got some big things done including renewing the Japanese driver’s license (Sounds easy? Clearly you’ve never done it.) and starting a few new exciting projects, plus painting a wall orange!  Anyway renewed and legally driving around […]

Sweet Potato Mania: Japan’s Top Fall Flavor

Daigaku Imo photo from flickr by taylorandayumi

As you may know, in the USA fall is all about the pumpkin spice! Food, drinks, candles– folks even started to make jokes about things that might be but should NOT be pumpkin-spicy . In Japan, though pumpkin flavors are making inroads — […]