#Rocur accounts and what I learned on Twitter this week

Guest host on @beingtokyo Sept. 2016

Happily I just spent 7 days as the Twitter “rocur” or rotating curator on the @BeingTokyo account. I had a blast. Haven’t heard about #rocur accounts? I hadn’t either until recently.  @BeingTokyo  is a rotating curation account which means a different […]

Tasteful Tuesday Roundup

I think Tuesday is under rated. Tuesday is easier than Monday– will th the whole we’re sad the weekend is over vibe. And though Wednesday gets the whole “Hump day” title… Tuesday to me is pretty productive and a lot […]

Just Getting Started at True Taste Tokyo

Time to get things rolling… True Taste Tokyo has been a dream of mine for a few years and now the chance has come for me to really kick things off at last. This site will be many things; a […]